Posted by: thestruggle4akhirah | June 19, 2008

What Holds You Back from Change?

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

If there is one thing that could be standing in your way from becoming an OUTSTANDING person living a most SPECTACULAR life its the following: pride.

Just think. How many people, due to pride, refuse to admit:

– they have issues with anger management

– have an eating disorder that got out of hand

– they need help learning a new skill

– lack money management skills

– that they are afraid of doing the right thing

– that they were wrong

So much hurt is being recycled in our lives because of pride. It serves us well though. Pride is a barrier between ourselves and reality. A comfortable delusion.  Pride has served me very well. Indeed, we have a very intimate relationship.  Overcoming it to get face to face with myself has been a deep challenge.  But the results of doing so have also meant finally being able to make change a possibility, not just a theory. 

 In short, let’s just say I understand. 🙂

Pride prevents me and you from getting closer to our ultimate destination; Jannah. As we are reminded often; one with even an atom’s weight of pride will not enter Jannah.  ** Shudder**  yikes.

As a coach, I ask people powerful questions. The right questions. The objective is to help each person get to the root of themselves; a problem, to discover what motivates them, or, for example, to find a powerful memory where they felt confident so they can draw from that at future scenarios in life.

It takes moving pride out of the way, though, to reach the next level.  If there is one area of your life that you would like to improve, do a little introspection and ask yourself: is my pride getting in the way?

What would happen if you admitted you needed some help to learn how to balance your finances?

What would happen if you realized you aren’t making progress in your career because you fear the possibility of failure?

What would it mean if you owned up to the consequences of a decision you made?

Pride prevents you from answering such questions. It’s time to put pride in its place. And take some action.

What do you want in your life to change? How high do you want to reach? What are you willing to do to get there? 

Open the door, and let a new you walk in.  And yea…it’s that easy to get moving.

Take it to the next level?  Email me about a complimentary coaching session.


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