Posted by: thestruggle4akhirah | June 23, 2008

Where Does All YOUR Time Go?


One random day last week, I sat down exhausted. It was close to midnight, and I felt totally wiped out. I had been busy all day, returning emails, making phone calls, working, and felt like I was on a tred mill that wouldn’t stop. At the end of the day, despite being exhausted, I looked for the feeling of satisfaction that comes with such a busy “productive” day.

And then I looked around the house, and saw a cluttered kitchen table, a sink full of dishes, laundry that made its way to the door, but not into the washing machine, and my Qur’an untouched on the shelf……. (oh, and mentioning the tred mill, I never made it to the gym that day either.) Where had all my time gone exactly?

Flash forward. Another day came, and I cleaned half the day, memorized Qur’an, prayed in peace, did some emails, cooked, and then sat down at the end of the day, energeized, relaxed, pen in hand, with a lot of ideas to jot down for some projects I’m involved in.

The difference? TAKE NOTE: It’s not how much you do, its WHAT you do that is important.

If my house is a mess, I simply can’t stay motivated. I will never feel accomplished. No matter how much I do, if my kitchen counter tops aren’t shining at night. Ok. I’m weird. Deal with it.  🙂

The point is that when you feel like a day flew by, and you did so much, and yet feel you’ve done nothing, it means you have done a lot of things, but not the right things.  You need to refocus. For me, it meant needing to sit down and plan out my week again.

Here are some power questions for you to ask yourself:

What is important to you that you want to happen every day?

What does balance look like in your life?

What has to happen each day for you to sleep feeling accomplished?

Time management isn’t something you can just stumble upon. It takes effort,  inspired discipline, and some really awesome tools. Once you combine those together, you will find each day is not only more productive, but that you have MORE TIME on your hands to do the things you love.  My own clients who focused on not just goal setting, but also mastering their day, have made awesome changes in their lives, in a really short time.

So, instead of asking yourself “where did all my time go?” each day, how about falling asleep thinking “tomorrow is going to be an awesome day!.” Start with the questions, and see where they lead you. You might just discover, that to stay motivated and satisified, you just need to keep your sock drawer organized.

(but on a side note. I don’t believe in organized sock drawers. Not at least, until i discover where it is all my socks keep going EVERY time I do the wash so that I’m left with lots of strays….LOTS of them….)

🙂 It’s your Life! How do YOU want to live it?



  1. Where does my time go? Reading your blog.

  2. Great advice Coach Megan!

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