Posted by: thestruggle4akhirah | June 27, 2008

Check your Attitude: tip for improving your mood & eeman.


I was in my own unmotivated, disgruntled state the other day. So I sought some inspiration from another coach. The first question immediately asked was What are 3 things you are grateful to Allah, swt, for right now? “  I gave off a bit of a nervous laugh, and preceded to answer. The question totally caught me off guard. And so within seconds, I was smiling, even if a bit nervously, and contemplating what I wanted to thank Allah for.  Had I finished my conversation right there, most of my goal would have been achieved. My mood had lifted almost instantly. Yea. Coaches are cool like that. Awesome questions at the right time, masha’Allah.

 So, how about you? Ever been simmering in a glum mood, and in that moment,  you feel like the world is on your shoulders, and you just sigh, shoulders slumped, as you sink into the couch.  Guess what. In all that darkness, there is one who is grinning away. Guess whoooooo?

“‘Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: nor will You find, in most of them, gratitude (for Your mercies).’” (al-Ā‘râf 7:17)

Shaytaan. Because he is thrilled to see your lack of gratitude.

Who me? Ungrateful ? Maybe….you tell me?

When we are feeling really down, often times we have forgotten what it is we have to be grateful for. And we aren’t alone in that moment. Shaytaan wants us to stay in that miserable state because we tend to wallow in our sorrows instead of turn to our Lord seeking His Guidance. Our eeman, like our mood, plummets. I wonder what he whispers in my ear to help me bob along in the sea of sorrows.

 Nothing new under the sun here. Yet maybe this will be the first time in your life that you are about to make a massive change to put this tip into action. 

For those of you who find yourself consistently feeling down and heavy, its time to reframe and perfect the art of showing GRATITUDE.

“But Allâh will swiftly reward those who (serve Him) with gratitude” (Āl ‘Imrân 3:144).

You might be skeptical here. All I gotta say before I proceed is to ask you to open your mind, and heart. If you are sick of seeing your face in a frown, this works. **

Developing the Gratitude Attitude:

1) Emergency crash plan: verbalize 10 things you are grateful to Allah for.  NOW!

– do this out loud. It might feel strange at first. As you get to item number 5 or 6 on the list, it will come more naturally. And you don’t have to stop if you reach 10.  Force yourself to do this in moments where you simply can’t seem to “snap out of it.”

2) Daily: keep a journal of things you are grateful for.

-writing or typing, its up to you. You will be suprised at how this list grows and how much your heart will swell. It’s ok if you repeat things on some days, but when done sincerely, you will find something new each day you never thought of before.

3) Thank someone in your day today. Do something extra. Give them a gift.

This uplifts the spirits so much when we indulge for the sake of others. Besides, happiness is meant for sharing 🙂 Make someone else feel special, or let someone you care about know how much they mean to you. Just thinking about how to make them happy can lift your mood. Do it for the sake of Allah, with Ihsan, and it becomes ‘ibadah! 🙂

These are just 3 of the tehcniques that can be applied to develop an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.  Not only will your mood begin to shift, but the effects on your heart and eeman are also positive. The more you remember Allah and the bounties He has favored you with, the more you will begin to see a glass half full, and not half empty. It’s simple. and effective.   Sweet!

It’s your life. How do YOU want to live it? 

** remembering to do these activities is the challenge. Having a coach to give you excercises like these and others on a regular basis solves the challenge 🙂  Want to see for yourself? Check the “details” link to see how you can sign up for a free coaching session.



  1. Salams Coach Megan…how right you are! When you asked me what cool things I would do for my family (despite current difficulties I was whining about), you surprised me. I hadn’t even thought of it! We get stuck in the woe-is-me, what-i’m-not-getting, what’s-not-meeting-my-expectations mode and forget what Allah wants: gratitude. JAK for the reminder, wassalam

  2. Salams Megan,

    Wow, Jazakillah Khair for such a great reminder. It’s sooo easy to get into a funk when things do not go exactly as we had planned. How often do we complain and sulk and how little do we thank Allah. I think I need to read this post everyday to keep myself in check.

  3. “Wonders for the affairs of the believer, his affairs are all good. If something bad happens to him, he is paitent; if something good happens to him, he is grateful.”

  4. AA Megan,

    May Allah reward u for all the hard work u do to remind us of doing what is the first and foremos a Muslim needs to do in their daily checklist, for after only gratefulness comes acceptance and then patience. I love the way u broke it down. People act based on how they think and they need to be reminded to keep their thoughts in chk.. Keep up thgood work….

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