Posted by: thestruggle4akhirah | July 26, 2008

The Necessity of a painful Truth


How could pain lead to happiness?

I would have liked to believe that all my life I have known who I really am as a person inside. Then I discovered that even from myself, I had hidden many layers.

The path of “personal development” is more than acquiring new techniques, or tools and perceptions to improve your life. It’s about being authentic. Who are you really as a person? And ultimately, who would you like to become?

We often go through life working hard to do the “right” things never stopping to discover who we are in the process. For example, think about all of the acts of ‘iabadah that you partake in. Why do you do them? On the surface you might say, for the sake of Allah. Now dig a bit deeper. Yes, I know this is scary, but realize one thing: Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, sees the true nature of our hearts at all times. What do you find when you question the “why?”

The choices you make, those big decisions that we find at all the crossroads and turning points, are all effected by who we really are. No genius point being made there. Until you realize that instead of making decisions for thr RIGHT reasons, you made them because of insecurity, fear of failure, avoidance of rejection, desire to fit in, and so forth.


If there are things you want to change in your life, goals to accomplish, decisions to be made: you need to take a long hard look at your face in the mirror. Really look into your own eyes and ask yourself: why?

Who are you in the process? Who do you want to be? Who are YOU?

This may all sound a bit philosophical, but I assure you, that if you want to make lasting changes in your life, and defeat bad habits, overturn laziness, find real motivation, and stop making excuses for what isn’t perfect yet in your life: then the only key is to get the real truth. Even if it hurts.

No one out there can give you what you are looking for. No one. It all begins with yourself.

As painful as it can be to get to the core of your own being, it is the kind of pain which leads to growth. Clarity. Lightness. Relief. And after all that, a deep happiness.



  1. So very true, sis 🙂 Pain does lead to clarity and then, lasting happiness. Not that temporary fix that fades away…

  2. What about pain meshed with guilt?

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